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HUNZA CRYSTALS are found 2000 feet underground, 500 million years in the mountains and also in the Hunza Valley and Karakoram Valley between Afghanistan and Russia. Contains 84-96 mineral elements that are needed by the human body for maximum health.

What is HUNZA SALT and its benefits?

Hunza crystal mineral salt is pure ancient salt that is naturally compressed according to the tectonic movement of mountain masses. It carries a good electrical charge to the body to produce a body charge called electrolytes. This salt is amazing and provides very high minerals that the body needs to care for damaged cells.

Rasulullah s.w.t’s sentence: “Whoever starts eating with a little salt, Allah will avoid 330 types of diseases and the lightest is insane, leprosy, toothache, stomachache and the rest is only Allah Who Knows”. (Ibn Abbas)

The results of the study by ethnologists Dr. Hj abd Manan Embong and Dr. Hisham Hasyim for 7 years found Crystal Hunza which is SALT mentioned in the hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w as one of the best sources of medical therapy in the world. Salt is meant because there are 13 types of salt on the market.

The resulting salt graph

1Kristal Hunza: ketulaLembah HunzaMedicine, FoodUSD 195.00/1kg
2Garam Tasik: CecairUSANutrition, MedicineUSD 40.00/1liter
3Garam dalam buluh: ketulanJepun, koreaNutritionUSD 12.00/1kg
4Garam ekstrak dari tumbuh-tumbuhan: DebuUSA, RusiaNutritionUSD 13.00/1kg
5Garam Holand: DebuBelandaNutritionUSD 10.00/1kg
6Garam mendapan laut: DebuIndia, Sri Lanka, IndonesiaNutritionUSD 0.50/1kg
7Garam Gunung: KetulanAfrika, SudanNutritionUSD 4.00/1kg
8Garam Bukit: KetulanMalaysia, Filipina, ThailandNutritionUSD 1.00/1kg
9Garam Laut Mati: KetulanJordan, MesirMedicineUSD 0.50/1kg
10Garam Air Laut Biasa: KetulanKawasan laut berskala mediterranian khatulistiwaNutritionUSD 0.30/1kg
11Magnisium: cecairlarutan semulajadi di dasar bumi lembah balkoni Rusia, ArmeniaMedicineUSD 1.70/1liter
12Abstrak garam dalam buah-buahan: cecairUSA, UK, ItalianNutritionUSD 10.00/1liter
13Garam galian dalam bukit: ketulanPakistan, UzbekistanNutrisi, ImmersionUSD 0.50/1kg

Dr Patrick Flanagan’s study of the Hunza race, which is believed to have the longest life expectancy in the world, averaging 120 to 140 years of age, is due to the water they drink from water whose molecules are so low that it is up to 5 nanometers, which is 2000 times smaller. from red blood cells besides having their own electrical charge potential called zeta potential. This water from the Hunza Valley contains HUNZA SALT which is also mixed with ingredients from the PINE CYPRESS tree which is also one of the MAIN ingredients found in CRYSTAL DROPS besides DATED WATER and ZAM ZAM.

What is PINE CYPRESS and its benefits?



Cypress Wood

The wood from this pine cone contains the same chemicals as the debris from the Ark of the Prophet Noah. Its function is to stabilize the body’s immunity up to 89%. Helps treat cough, pneumonia, earache, sharpen vision, treat heart, increase semen, treat constipation, stroke, numbness, hemorrhoids, jaundice, weakness, hair loss, eyelid pain, headache, menstrual problems, ringworm and beautify the skin.


Cypress Leave

From the combination of Hunza Salt which has a very high energy content combined with Pine wood which has a high wave density and Dates and Zam Zam Water which are famous for their maximum nutrient content, this is nothing but a formula for almost all disease problems that humans suffer from. . We at NaturaWave are very proud and proud to share our flagship product CRYSTAL DROPS with all of you.


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